Jack Daniel’s

Dark copper color (lots of reddish orange), appropriate to its strength. Swirling creates a ring of tiny beads that hang seemingly forever, until they gather into tiny droplets that crawl down the glass. The aroma fairly shouts of cinnamon, licorice and a nutty, rancio aroma, then subtly backs off to reveal vanilla and butterscotch. Once you’re past the heat, it seems to be all about that base, with walnuts, huge cherry and chocolate taking over. A drop of water uncoils the serpent, and out come bigger nut, graham cracker, vanilla and toffee flavors. The smoke and spice you expect from Jack Daniel’s shows itself, but in a much more assertive way. Nothing coy here. The finale is extensive and transcendent, as it revisits the flavors of the palate and gathers notes of oak, caramel flavors and orange peel. You’ll be recalling this liquid long after it’s gone.

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